European Union Project Comenius
The exchange of letters and postcards started in the last school year (2009/2010) and has continued this year, too. In some cases it had to end because of the age of pupils (e. g. in Irish and Welsh schools the children leave their school at the age of 12), or because of the change of school (in the Czech Republic some children leave for another type of school at the age of 11 and 13). On the other hand, some contacts are used on the private level, not only within the school work.

Here you can find some letters of Welsh pupils about their day without transport (buses, cars), about their trip to the recycling centre etc.:

by Lauren & Manon by Caitlin by Chloe by Jode by Kalli & Caitlin by Dion

These are some letters of Czech pupils (9 - 10 years old) about themselves:

by Bety by Anna by Veronika by Barbora